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1. How does LumiGlow Cream function in terms of influencing the body?


The Diosgenin, which is an ingredient in LumiGlow, is an important hormone precursor which will stimulate our body to produce hormones such as lutein, testosterone, cortisone and so on. These hormones are required to coordinate the metabolism process and function of the nervous system. Apart from that, it functions to delay aging and to maintain physiology functions.

Tannin acids and alkaloid contained in Barbasco Villain is effective to maintain our main endocrine glands, such as thyroid, adrenal, ovary and testes, so that these glands may function normally. Our bodies become more active and energetic if our endocrine system functions well.

2. What does the term “time absorption” mean in the LumiGlow cream?


If you observe the absorption rate for the LumiGlow Cream, you will notice that for females the absorption rate is roughly about 2-3 minutes during the period after the  menstruation for the particular month and 7 days before the next cycle.  After this period, you will observe that the absorption time is even quicker, sometimes taking a mere 15 seconds.  The shorter the absorption time simply means that our bodies need more lutein to be distributed to the endocrine glands.  The absorption rate of LumiGlow Cream usually will rise 7 days before menstruation.


3. How does one use LumiGlow Cream?


This product can be used by both men and women. The usage guide is as follows:


Initial Usage: Rub cream once in the morning and once at night (use 2 teaspoonful every time). Increase the portion if expected results cannot be detected.


Maintenance stage: The portion required depends on each individual. The cream is suitable for long term use and extensive use will not be dangerous.


For abnormal physiology state: Suggested high dosage to acquire faster results (at least one bottle a week).


4. Is it effective to rub LumiGlow on our skin?


This is known as the “penetration technique”, which makes LumiGlow superior. The Aloe Vera extracts function as a skin softener and to open up pores for the jelly essence in soy beans and liposomes to penetrate with it Diosgenin, which are then transported by the capillary system to coordinate our bodies’ functions.

5. Is LumiGlow a form of medication?


The main ingredient in LumiGlow is Barbasco Villain which is a traditional herb and can be used to relief wounds.  The other ingredients  include Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and soy bean essence.  All these ingredients are classified as food but have been processed into a cream using top of the line nano-technology to facilitate easy usage for consumers.  In a nutshell,  LumiGlow Cream is a product to maintain good health and physiology and is not considered a medication.

6. What is the difference between synthetic lutein with natural Dioscorea Villosa?


According to The California Medical Unit, USA, the structure of synthetic lutein is too complex for the body to redistribute and is also not compatible with the body’s bio-chemical structure.  On the other hand, ingredients contained in Barbasco Villain is a type of pre-precursor for lutein, which can be absorbed by the body for  lutein and other hormone production.  This is based on an individual’s needs or requirements, and there are no side effects.

7. Would using LumiGlow bring side effects and ultimately conflict with other medication?


Based on research conducted by The California Medical Centre, USA, and also several experts, only rarely does lutein which is produced by the body cause cervical bleeding, akin to menstruation.  Only a fraction of women experience this bleeding when they continue taking natural lutein.  And this only occurs within the first two menstruation cycles.  On the third to the fifth cycle, it becomes normal again.  As of now, there is no report to show that lutein therapy causes cancer.  Instead, it has been reported that natural lutein can be utilized to treat cervical cancer.  At the same time, there is no report or proof that LumiGlow Cream conflicts with other medication


Can LumiGlow Cream be used for long term?  Would the skin or the body’s functions become weak if one ceases using LumiGlow Cream?


LumiGlow Cream is a natural hormone therapy which is derived from natural plants. Who needs this hormone therapy?  Obviously it is for those who age quicker because of hormone deficiency or imbalance.  LumiGlow Cream can delay the process of aging and must be applied consistently to achieve desired results.  


Would our bodies become dependent on LumiGlow Cream, and cause our original bodily functions to cease operating, or become worse if we stop using the Cream?


LumiGlow Cream does not function to replace the functions of our endocrine organs in our body; instead, it functions to nuture the endocrine organs, so that they would become healthier for sustained hormone production.  Therefore, the question of total dependency is not there.If we stop using the Cream, the normal aging process will just take over.

10. Would the wrong usage of hormones cause cancer?


There are many types of hormones in our body; among them is a female hormone called estrogen, which contains cancer risks.  Precaution is needed when using estrogen, as it functions to stimulate cell growth. Some of these cells may mutate and become malignant.  LumiGlow Cream which contain lutein producing ingredients only stimulates the glands to produce the lutein which the body needs.  In addition, lutein stabilizes cells and prevents overproduction of estrogen i.e. lutein is a hormone which will not cause cancer.

11. Shouldn’t hormone usage be based on professional medical opinion?


LumiGlow Cream only contains natural hormone pre-cursors.It is absorbed into the body when rubbed onto the skin. It is then processed by the body’s organs to produce natural hormones, whilst improving physiological functions. A medical prescription is not necessary as its usage is as a hormone pre-cursor and not a direct hormone prescription.

12. Can we use medicine bought from hospitals?


At this stage, hospitals disburse prescriptions made with synthetic hormones, whereby its structure have been modified.  So its results cannot possibly be the same as natural hormones. LumiGlow Cream on the other hand contains natural pre-hormone ingredients to activate our organs to produce its own hormones according to our body’s requirements. For your information, insurance will not cover damages when one uses the medication Oestrogel obtained from hospitals.

13. Is taking placenta more effective?


There exists 100 types of active ingredients within the placenta, so the results are more complicated and hard to gauge.  In addition, when placenta extracts from animals or humans are used, existing viruses such as AIDS or Hepatitis B can be contaminants if the processing is done under unhygienic conditions.  These risks must be considered before gauging its effectiveness.  LumiGlow Cream on the other hand is derived from plants, and would not give rise to such complications.Apart from that, natural lutein found in placentas will be damaged by gastric juices and subsequently processed by the liver leaving nothing available for the body’s use.  In conclusion, taking placenta would not achieve the results LumiGlow cream can.

14. Can LumiGlow Cream be used during menstruation?

Women, in their 28th day, commencing menstruation:

Continue using LumiGlow Cream, especially those who experience stomach discomforts.

  Use this cream for the whole menstruation duration.

For menopaused women, dosage is the same with those who are still menstruating.

15. Why do some women experience so much pain during menstruation?


Some women experience premenstrual syndrome from the beginning. One of the functions of the adrenal gland is to produce a hormone called cortisone which functions to ease pain. Menstrual pain occurs when the adrenal gland is not working properly to produce cortisone. Natural lutein which is in LumiGlow Cream assists the adrenal gland to produce cortisone, hence, elevating menstrual pain.

16. What should I do if I experience pain on the first and second day during my period?


If the pain comes in the form of cramps, then you probably have had this problem from the beginning.  With continued applications of the LumiGlow Cream, the pain can be eased; from a few hours to being completely non existent by your third or fourth cycle. What you can do is apply a generous amount of LumiGlow Cream around the cervical until all pain dissipates.


Before my menstruation cycle begins, why do I always feel hungry and crave for sweets?


During the menstrual cycle, the pancreas produces extra insulin to ‘help’ the adrenal gland.  This is why many of us crave for sweet foods when under pressure.   LumiGlow Cream can help eradicate this problem.  With its continued use, you will not feel hungry when the next cycle begins.

18. What should be done when there is extensive bleeding when menstruating, or during other days?


This may occur because of several factors.  For serious cases, please seek medical help. Your health care professional might recommend taking natural lutein to ease this problem.  With the doctor’s consent, you may use LumiGlow to produce natural lutein. Apart from that, a healthy diet, fresh air, sufficient exercise, sleep and rest will also help.

19. Why is my period early or late after using LumiGlow Cream?


The lutein therapy cycle supplies supplementary hormones in congruent with the normal physiology. Because the hormone balance differs from one individual to another, your menstrual cycle may be early or delayed. Your cycle will become normal in due time.

20. Can LumiGlow Cream be used while pregnant?


According to reports from Mount Cinai School of Medicine, New York, taking natural lutein while carrying a child would not have negative effects on the foetus. Synthetic lutein however, would have dire results. According to reports from The California Medical Centre, USA, women who take natural lutein have healthy babies. Research comparing 90 mothers who use natural lutein while carrying and those who do not showed that the former group, who breastfed within the first 6 months, their children are able to walk at by 1 year; and by 9 – 10 years, many displayed an affinity to Mathematics, English, crafts and other languages. This research also showed that those women, who take natural lutein, did not suffer from hemotoxin, whilst other women who did not consume natural lutein, suffered this ailment. In conclusion, LumiGlow Cream can and should be used for pregnant women. Throughout pregnancy until birth, apply the cream on the stomach, chest, back and thighs everyday. LumiGlow also helps to over come post-partum depression.


What is the connection between the absorption rate and dosage of LumiGlow Cream for women approaching menopause?


The quicker the absorption rate, means more naturallutein is needed by the body.  If the absorption time is 2 minutes or less, it simply means that the dosage needs to be increased until the absorption time becomes 5 minutes.  The time limit to increase dosage is normally 2 – 4 days, and back to normal after the stipulated time.

22. Can a mother breastfeed after using LumiGlow Cream?


Stop using LumiGlow Cream whilst breastfeeding, as the natural ingredients in LumiGlow cream may be absorbed by the baby along with mother’s milk during breastfeeding. This is not suggested as the baby’s organs have not fully matured.

23. Can natural lutein be taken while on contraceptive medication?


Many contraceptive medicine contains synthetic lutein which will result in side effects. For women who take contraceptive medicines, the suggested use of LumiGlow Cream is 7 days before their next menstrual cycle.  This is because the natural lutein in the cream can prevent side effects caused by the synthetic ones.

24. Would using LumiGlow Cream cause a man to become effeminate?


No.  LumiGlow Cream’s main ingredient is Barbasco Villain, a superior herb suitable for both men and women.  Diosgenin which is in Barbasco Villain will change into lutein in a woman’s body, and becomes testosterone in men. Barbasco Villain not only can activate the thyroid glands, adrenal glands and testes, but also further regulates a person’s physiology.LumiGlow Cream would not cause a man to be effeminate, instead, it will strengthen the male body.

25. Would LumiGlow Cream increase a person’s sex drive?

LumiGlow Cream is not an aphrodisiac. Sexual drive has everything to do with a person’s mental and physical state.  LumiGlow Cream encourages the body to function normally.

26. Why do I have trouble sleeping after using LumiGlow Cream?


The regulation of hormones can improve the quality of sleep. It is recommended that LumiGlow Cream be applied at 7p.m. – 8 p.m, and not late at night. This is because LumiGlow Cream functions as a hormone regulator so that we become more energetic. That is why users find it a little hard to sleep. For those suffering from insomnia, also use the LumiGlow Cream between 7p.m. – 8 p.m.

27. Can LumiGlow be a slimming agent?


If one’s obesity problem is related to endocrinopathy issues and a slow metabolism rate, then LumiGlow Cream can regulate endocrine seepage, speed the metabolism process and reduce water retention. Results will be more apparent with a simultaneous diet high in fibre, as it can burn excess fat in the body.

28. Would there be any side effects using LumiGlow?


One may experience redness and itchiness all over the body.This is a common reaction among users and is a normal recovery system which may last up to 14 days.The body is undergoing a ‘healing crisis’ whereby toxins from the body are being flushed through the skin in the form of rashes accompanied by itching.At this point do not stop using the cream.Apply twice a day and the usage must be 3 jars for the first month.Drink at least 3 liters of water per day preferably distilled water for the first 3 weeks and alkaline water for the remaining week of the month.This is for efficient detoxification.If you are a coffee drinker, in addition to the 3 liters of water, 1 cup of coffee must be neutralized with another cup of water.If you are under medication especially antibiotics, apply the cream 4 times a day at 4 hourly intervals.


Why is LumiGlow more expensive than similar generic products in the market?


There are about 50 clones which are in the market under different brand names. However, there is only 1 LumiGlow which is approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, supported by a MAL certificate, with laboratory tests indicating that LumiGlow is free from any banned ingredients (hydroquinone, hydrocortisone acetate, animal hormones, mercury and other heavy metals).We cannot comment on other generic products but it is well known that certain products do contain some measure of the banned ingredients.